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Failing Forward Essay example - 1025 Words

Zack Ray Ms. Paulson TAG 9 28 May 2013 Failing Forward Failing forward is a very important thing to know how to do for personal growth and leadership. Every great leader and successful person has learned how to fail forward. To Fail forward there are fifteen steps. I believe that these steps are fairly accurate, but I’m not really an expert on leadership myself I say these steps are accurate because for each step he gave specific examples of how certain people used one of these steps and eventually becomes successful. For example, in chapter two, Maxwell talks about Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A. First Truett and his brother Ben opened a restaurant called the Dwarf Grill. After becoming a successful business, tragic†¦show more content†¦Eventually all the original monkeys were replaced, and no monkeys had received the cold shower, so none of them would climb the pole, but none of them knew why. These monkeys represented failure in the workplace, and how people are prone to get into ruts, or continue to make the same mistake over and over again. This chapter is about changing your response to failure by accepting responsibility. The monkeys, at the end had no reason not to climb the pole, so none of them were accepting responsibility. The final example is showing how it takes many failures to be successful. There are two groups in a clay sculpture class. One group is graded on quantity of the clay. Fifty pounds of clay is an A, forty pounds of clay is a B and so on. The other group is graded on quality of the clay sculptures made. This group was only graded on how well one piece of pottery was made. Can you guess which group created better quality pottery? Contrary to what you might think, the first group made better quality clay sculptures. This demonstrates that people learn more from failing than not failing at all. Throughout this book Maxwell talks about how if you do not fail often, then you are not being creative or adventurous enough. This can be a pplied to businesses, where most people fail around five or six times before actually succeeding, or just to your own hobby, like sports. All in all the stories in this book are very important to the book. This I think isShow MoreRelatedFailing Forward Explains That Most People Fail At Some1275 Words   |  6 PagesFailing Forward explains that most people fail at some point in their lives it is how you chose to learn from the failures.   These failures allow us to learn from our mistakes.   You can turn a failure into a learning experience and while it is hard to face any type of failure once you accept that you failed you can grow from that situation. The book takes into account that failure is unavoidable and you need to learn from all your mistakes. When I first received the decision of my case I was devastatedRead MoreSwot Analysis Of Metallgesellschaft Ag ( Mgag )1250 Words   |  5 Pageson long-term forward contracts. Short position implies that MGRM were selling the commodity with the expectation that prices will fall; it’s sold via a forwards contract, a privately agreed contract to sell the commodity at a predetermined price and date in the free market. This deal gave customers a way to hedge themselves against erratic energy markets and an opportunity to lock in low prices in consequence to: the end of the Gulf War that saw prices rocket, in contrary, OPEC failing to reach anRead MoreEvaluation Of A Student Outcomes1303 Words   |  6 PagesPart two: Summary of student outcomes The evaluation of the students work was conducted with the end of year exams in mind. In particular, I wanted to provide feedback and forward to the students that was targeted towards their essay writing in the exams at the end of the year. I grouped results from what grades the students gained against the marking schedule that I developed. Bearing in mind that the sample size was small, most students attained the merit grade, with the same amount of studentsRead MoreLaurentian Bakery Case2911 Words   |  12 Pages The risk profile can be drawn as below Laurentian needs to mitigate these foreign exchange rate risk and it can do so by using any of the below tools. 1. Foreign Exchange Forward Contract Here the Laurentian can buy future contracts to offset the currency exchange risk; the bakery should enter into a Foreign Exchange Forward Contract to agree on a set price of the asset today to be paid for at some future date. These are legally binding and can be tailored to meet both party requirements. CurrentlyRead MoreMao Zedong And The Great Leap Forward2098 Words   |  9 Pagesmake aren’t always right, and what one person may think is good, just, or sustainable may not be the right thing to do after all. Take Mao Zedong for example. In January of 1958 Mao started the second Five-Year Plan, also known as the Great Leap Forward. This plan intended to develop both agriculture and industry. Mao believed that both were dependent on each other. One had to grow if the other was going to aswell. Industry could only prosper if the work force was well fed, while the agriculturalRead MoreNevada Essay716 Words   |  3 Pages â€Å"Mira allà ­, una nevada,† the lady next to me exclaimed pointing outside the airplane window. Leaning forward from my seat, I looked outside the fingerprint- covered oval. A brown sheet covered the Earth, wrinkled with mountains and torn by patches of snow. Pallid clouds, doing little to color the barren Peruvian landscape, clung to each peak and neglected each valley. However, the faded appearance of the geographical patchwork below us did little to detract from its beauty and intrigue. Like aRead MoreAmerica s High School Education System1388 Words   |  6 Pagesapathetic and failing students who just go to school simply because they are forced to. These students are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars just to socialize and cause trouble for the other students. The average student will cost taxpayers about 10,297 dollars a year to go through public schooling. With this amount of money being spent on the millions of high school students that are in the country none of it should be wasted on a student that just does not care. Most students who are failing think schoolRead MoreEssay on Reham851 Words   |  4 PagesDiscussion Questions Cisco Case Questions 1. At the start of the case, Cisco’s information systems are failing, yet no one steps forward to lead the effort to replace them. Why is this? Why were no managers eager to take on this project? At the beginning of the case, Cisco’s information systems were failing because they were experiencing exponential growth and the IT systems that were in place could not provide the reliability and maintenance for this magnitude of growth. Companies that experienceRead MoreA Morally Relevant Difference Between Failing And Save A Starving Child996 Words   |  4 PagesIs there a morally relevant difference between failing to rescue a drowning child at some small cost to yourself, and failing to save a starving child in a faraway country at some similarly small cost? To show that there is little moral relevance between failing to rescue a child at some small cost to yourself, and failing to save a starving child in a faraway country at some similarly small cost I will be exploring an argument proposed by Singer. In doing this I will be looking into his strong andRead MoreMy Church Context At New Creation Ame Church Essay1267 Words   |  6 Pagesexistence for twenty years, with no physical church home. Given the history, dwindling membership and financial issues, I would classify this church as a Restart Church. Restarts are churches that fall into two categories; those that are either failing, or have failed and those that have assessed that restarting or starting over is the only way to invigorate their church plant or ministry in a way that will thrive and become viable. The term restart covers the gamut of churches a majority of which

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