Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Devil Wears Prada free essay sample

Priestly gets a little upset by Andy calling it this stuff and goes on a rant about how its not just stuff and how every little detail counts. The claim being made in the scene is that fashion and clothes have everything to do with us. That just a color we wear can represent millions of dollars and every little detail on an outfit defines it. The audience of the scene is obviously Andy, but it is also everyone one else in the room with them. Ms. Priestly isn’t just talking to Andy, she is talking to all her other assistants too and they even back her up with their actions and the um hums that they say after she is done. The claim is that fashion and clothes have everything to do with us. We wear the clothes we pick out to make a statement. Andy’s is that she doesn’t really care and fashion and that it doesn’t define her, when in reality it does. We will write a custom essay sample on The Devil Wears Prada or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page She is serious and doesn’t care about what she puts on. Andy has no clue that the blue she is wearing is really called cerulean, which represents millions of dollars. Ms. Priestly says that Andy thinks she is exempt from the fashion world, but she is wearing a sweater that was selected for her from the people in the room. My interpretation of this is that we choose what we wear, but it is what other perceives it as is what really matters, so they actually decide how you wear it. Every little detail of an outfit defines it and makes it different. Even though the two belts look alike they are totally different because of the littlest details. Ms. Priestley is making the claim by talking to Andy, but also having everyone else in the room as her audience. She is really upset by what Andy says, but manages to stay calm and stalk in a calm voice the whole time she is going on her rant. Her calm voice helps make the claim by proving that she is in power and knows exactly what she is talking about. The visual cues in the scene are showing her other co-workers and there expressions to what Ms. Priestly is saying. You can see Emily Blunt in the background kind of smirking to what Andy said and agreeing with what Ms. Priestly is saying. In the scene a lot of ethos is used, but also pathos and logos. By showing Ms. Priestley’s credibility and her education on fashion we see how ethos is used in the scene. By the way she talks and how all her other co-workers are listening and their emotions show how they agree with her and how she has power and experience. Logos is used when Ms. Priestly states facts about how the blue sweater Andy is wearing isn’t just blue, it’s cerulean. She talks about who had a fashion line in that color and how it made millions of dollars. Pathos is used in the scene when we see how convincing Ms. Priestley’s speech is. We see her passion for what she does it makes other people see it to and backs up her claims and convinces people that the two belts are totally different and we are all a part of fashion. The ethos, logos, and pathos all tie in together and compliment each other by moving the audience to see what the point of Ms. Priestley’s rant is. They help with her moral character and by using facts to prove her point and her claim that fashion has everything to do with us. By watching this scene in The Devil Wears Prada I have learned a lot about how each little detail can help make a point and a claim. Every little thing in the scene makes us realize how important just a color can be. That every belt is different and we all play a huge part in fashion. The people decide what we wear and how it defines us.

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