Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Meaning of a Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Meaning of a - Research Paper Example In addition, a research paper refers to a culmination and the final product of the entire process of research that involves evaluation of sources, critical thinking, composition, and organization. A research paper is a combination of the above mention elements. Perhaps, it is essential to think of it as a living organism that grows and at the same time changes as the writer interprets, explores, and makes an evaluation of the gathered information from sources that are related to a distinct and specific topic. The main elements that contribute to a research paper are secondary and primary sources(Klein 33). Therefore, it is good to acknowledge that without a proper interpretation of the information gathered from these two types of sources, the research paper would definitely change to be another writing genre, for example, an encyclopedic article. A research writer must have good support for these sources as well as interaction since they provide a research paper’s nourishment. A research paper not only serves to further the topic which the paper covers, but also to improve the writer’s understanding and knowledge of that topic. Lastly, no matter what subject is being researched, a research paper must achieve the following specific goals. First paper must meet the assignment needs. Most instructors give students specific needs for a research paper, which include, use of references, detailing topics, and documentation procedures. A writer must ensure that he or she fully understands the assignment’s scope.

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